Holocaust survivor makes history a reality at Viterbo

Herzberger shared her story with folks at Viterbo's Fine Arts Center

The Holocaust is something that should never be forgotten, and a survivor of that horrific period in time is making sure that doesn’t happen.

Holocaust survivor Magda Herzberger shared her story with folks at Viterbo’s Fine Arts Center Thursday night. Herzberger survived 3 concentration camps.

She says that while many of us learn about the holocaust in school her first-hand account really helps to make the history real.

“We don’t have to say ‘Okay, we don’t want to here the Holocaust, it’s a long story.’ No, no, there were great crimes committed by a civilized country in the 20th century. Nobody should have to decide to depict it,” said Herzberger.

Event organizers believe seeing a holocaust survivor can help people realize things are often better than they seem.

“These survivors inspire all who get to hear them, because they have lived through some of the horrendous events in history and yet they’ve gone on and they have created successful lives, they have families,” said Viterbo University Holocaust Educator Darryle Clott.

So many people showed up for the speaker that some had to sit in the lobby, watching the speech from a television.

If you missed Herzberger’s speech on Thursday it will be re-airing at 10:35 p.m. April 17th on WKBT.