Holmen’s TLC Center to close July 1

HOLMEN, Wis. — After four years of helping people in need, the TLC Center in Holmen is closing it’s doors.

The organization lost its lease on a portion of space they were using to sell donated furniture.

The center’s board decided it would be too costly to move to a new space and decided to close.

The TLC center helps 1,000 people in need a year with clothes, food and household goods.

Lori Laxton, the center’s founder, started the center as part of her drug recovery, and says she’ll never forget the
people who use the center.

“My blessings go back to all of you because I am so grateful for this, and I have definitely learned a lot, and I
have adopted a new family, and I’ve been there. I’ve been where they are right now in their lives,” Laxton says.

The TLC Center is closing July 1. Laxton says the center is holding a sale this weekend to try and liquidate some of
their stock.