Holmen woman says local program changed her life

Forty-year-old Kate Lavelle of Holmen has a lot to be proud of. Like losing 40 pounds last year.

She says weight was something she’s always struggled with and she says after having a child, losing weight became a bigger challenge.

“It was just kind of hard to kind of get back to a really healthier lifestyle.”

That didn’t stop Kate however, from making a change.

“My mom died at 55 and it was not a weight-related death but just kind of knowing that in my mind that I want to be as healthy as I can be within reason.”

After an appointment with her primary care physician, Kate decided to join Mayo Clinic Health System’s “A New Me” program last Spring.

The 12-week program allowed Kate to make mindful eating choices, exercise and manage stress.

“You know you click on things on the internet and you kind of have all these tricks but it was really nice to be in a program that focused on visualization of health goals and focusing on health and not just weight or exercise, it was kind of how all these things work in combination,” she said.

New Program Coordinator Anne Meyer says the program may have started as a weight-loss journey in 2011, but it quickly transformed into something much bigger.

“You may think that your weight or what you’re eating is the most important thing, but in reality it’s all connected to your inner self-talk, your stress levels, your ability and willingness to move more during the day, all those things are connected and that helps contribute to your overall sense of well-being.”

Kate hopes her success story inspires others to believe in themselves and in the power of determination.

“If people think about it individually and with the tools and experts at the Mayo program, I think that they can be successful.”

Those interested in the program can visit www.timeforanewme.com.