Holmen students leave classroom to learn about career opportunities

Students stopped at businesses and locations throughout our area

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Some area students are leaving the classroom to learn about their career options.

Holmen High School freshmen visited businesses throughout our area Tuesday to learn about potential career paths.

The Weber Center and Mayo Clinic Health System were some of the stops students made during the day.

Students say the experience helps them to understand just what possibilities exist.

“Especially like wanting to go into the arts in my future. Going to art businesses and seeing like what I can do in the future has helped a lot,” said Jenna Mashak.

Students could pick various career paths to experience a range of businesses in different career paths.

Educators from Holmen say knowledge is power as students are planning for their future careers.

“Our goal really is to get kids out to experience that maybe they’ve never had the opportunity to. So they get the idea to say ‘Hey, this is a job that I could persue or this is an interest of mine and now I’m really could find a field that I could make money in,” said Holmen H.S. counselor Hanna Niccum.

Holmen 10th grade students visited local colleges and universities while juniors took the ACT standardized test.