Holmen School District shows off community gardens

State Senator Jennifer Shilling was among those attending

After winning a grant based on its gardening program, the Holmen School District hosted a tour Monday of its farms and gardens.

State Senator Jennifer Shilling was among those attending.

Holmen is a recent recipient of the “Seeds of Change” grant which looks to support community-based gardens.

With that money, Holmen hopes to expand current gardens as well as open a chicken farm.

During her visit, Senator Shilling says not only does the program keep money local, but it also teaches children about nutrition.

“It’s kind of something that the kids are part of, that the kids have ownership and that they’re much more likely to follow through on some of this healthy eating if they’ve grown it, if they know where it comes from,” said Sen. Shilling.

Holmen will receive the grant money in July.