Holmen police warn residents of fraudulent calls

Suspects use applications, software to change caller ID display

The Holmen Police Department is warning La Crosse area residents about a person calling people claiming to be from the IRS who demands money or says he’ll issue a warrant for the victim if they don’t comply.

Holmen police want the public to know suspects are using applications and software to change the way a phone number shows up on a caller ID so it looks like it’s coming from the La Crosse County Dispatch or other legitimate businesses.

Holmen Police alerted residents on its Facebook page Thursday afternoon.

A resident called Holmen police to report a fraudulent phone call. The victim said the caller said they owed money and needed to forward the money via Western Union right away or they would issue a warrant for the victim. While a Holmen officer was on scene, a call came from the La Crosse County Dispatch non-emergency number.

A Holmen police officer answered the phone and identified himself as a police officer. The person who called claimed to be a deputy with the La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department. He had a strong accent and Holmen police said the name the suspect used was not the name of a deputy.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department warned residents of other possible scams in late February. They said the suspicious calls that ask people for personal information or to wire money increase during tax season.