Holmen OF Jeren Kendall swinging for major leagues

Kendall, Vikings focused on MVC three-peat

Holmen is swinging for a championship.

“This is my last sport in High School,” senior Greg Rooney said. “I really want to go out with a bang and I think this is definitely the team we can do it with.”

But you can’t blame one senior for thinking about more than that. That’s because Jeren Kendall is swinging for the major leagues.

A few months ago, MLB.com ranked the Holmen outfielder as the 49th-best prospect overall in June’s MLB draft.

“Went down to California and that’s kind of when I showed them my stuff. So coming back, having all that notoriety was a little weird, but you know it’s kind of cool,” Kendall said.

“You see all the publicity he gets and scouts going to games and him going all over the nation. It’s the real deal,” said Rooney.

Right now, Kendall is committed to play at SEC powerhouse Vanderbilt next year. But he could get picked in the first round and will have to decide whether to go pro instead.

“I actually have a lot of people ask me that and I just tell them when the time comes, I’ll make that decision because I really have no idea right now.”

Whether it’s after this season or three years down the road, eventually, Kendall looks forward to carrying the banner of big time ballplayers from western Wisconsin.

“It’d be great, just to have a kid out of Holmen, kind of doing big things like this,” Kendall said.

But he’s not swinging for the fences quite yet.

“He’s focused about this season. He’s not worrying about anything else,” Rooney said.

Right now, Jeren Kendall and the Holmen Vikings are swinging for an MVC three-peat.

“That’d be a good achievement for the team, having a third year in a row,” Kendall said. “But you know we’re looking a little farther than that this year.”