Holmen Kornfest Parade brings community together

52nd year of Kornfest sees 80 entrants into parade

Holmen’s Kornfest goes through the weekend, continuing an area tradition.

The annual town celebration, now in its 52nd year, hosted their annual parade. The parade has over 80 entrants from groups from all around our area.

Organizers say it’s a great way for long-time and new residents to celebrate their community.

“It brings the community together, especially newer members of the community, newer people that come in here and probably, who knows, some people didn’t even know where Holmen was before they moved in here. It gives them, I think, a little bit of belonging,” said Holmen Kornfest Parade Committee Member Roger McHugh.

Events for Holmen’s Kornfest continue through Sunday evening, with the Kornfest Car Show as the main event.