Holmen High School students buy gift of a lifetime for friend in need

Holmen High School car gift
One Holmen high school student's friends all pitched in to give the gift of a lifetime.

HOLMEN, Wis. (WKBT) – True friendship is built on whoever comes through when we are in a pinch. That is the case for one Holmen High School student who’s friends all pitched in to give the gift of a lifetime.

We all remember our first car. Even if it’s not a set of wheels we bragged about.

“I had a 2005 Dodge Caravan,” said Scott Dougherty, a student at Holmen High School.

Dougherty has a group of friends who go above and beyond the call to friendship.

“We all help each other and support each other in everything we do,” Dougherty said.

Before the holiday season, father time caught up to Scott’s old van.

“Shortly before Thanksgiving, it stopped working,” he said.

His support group had an idea.

“One day I got bored that’s kind of how it started,” said Zander Smith, one of Dougherty’s friends.

Smith decided he would get the wheels turning on something his friend needed.

“I was looking around and I saw some cars,” Smith said. “I thought these looked like pretty good deals. I was thinking my friend Scott needs a car.”

All of Dougherty’s friends came together to bring him a 1999 Saturn SL1.¬†They didn’t just buy it, some work was involved too.

“My brother and I fixed the car and got it detailed,” Smith said.

It may not be a brand new car. But once they get it started it gets Dougherty to and from school. The hard part was keeping it a secret.

“Especially with his mom because she doesn’t hide secrets very well,” Smith said.

It cost about $700 to get the car ready. Their effort made a young man’s year.

“Value your friends,” Smith said. “Really appreciate what you have.”

It’s just a good deed with no expectation of anything in return other than good old fashioned friendship.

While most of us remember our first car, Dougherty said he will remember his second car. His new car will always be a reflection of the art of friendship his friends have mastered.

“I am super grateful to have such really good friends like all of these guys,” Dougherty said.