Holmen High School heightens security measures

Florida’s school shooting almost two weeks ago started a lot of conversations on school safety.

And Holmen schools are making sure safety is their top priority.

After a referendum passed last April, security was favored by most parents in the Holmen School District.

That $3 million is now getting locked in for good use.

“So we had better coverage of our parking lot, on all the hallways and areas within our building so all of that has been installed and up and running,” said assistant principal Wayne Sackett.

Before the changes, the school had only 16 security cameras.

Now, the school has more than 100 in an effort to keep students safer.

But cameras aren’t the only security upgrade.

The school is now working to build a two-stage entry system.

“Individuals will be able to enter in this vestibule area and then they’ll be buzzed in through this door and we’ll have a receptionist.”

Right now, a key fob system is being used, where every staff member is required to swipe their way in.

Connecters are also installed at every entry and exit, so if a door is left propped open for an extended period of time, staff will get a notification on their computers that a door isn’t connected to the reader.

Sackett says the security measures aren’t about creating fear.

But with multiple school shootings making headlines, he’s hoping they never have to worry.

“It’s something that weighs on our minds, because it’s at the forefront, consciousness across the nation so you know we want to focus on keeping our students safe so they can worry about learning and not worry about those other things.”

The school will begin installing the two stage entry system in May.