Holmen decides to build new waste water facility

Board decides to forego La Crosse connection proposal

Holmen decided to forgo La Crosse’s proposal to combine waste water treatment facilities and instead build their own.

Sunday’s decision came as the village board looked at the total costs to connect to La Crosse, which is nearly $15-million.

A new Holmen facility would cost the village about $14.5-million.

“It’ll be built at the existing location where the treatment facility is today, and the existing facility will be fazed out while the new one is being fazed in, and then ultimately will replace the old facility all together,” said Village of Holmen Village Administrator Scott Heinig.

The continuous growth of Holmen was also a major factor in the board’s decision.

The village is expecting to pay off the new facility over 20 years. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources now has to approve the plan.