Holmen Boys qualify 7 events for State Track

3rd straight appearance for 4x100 relay

While attending school at Emerson Elementary, Holmen senior Dillon Martinez he’d always look out back at Veteran’s Memorial Stadium and think about the day he would get a chance to compete at the state track and field meet.

Friday will mark the third straight year Martinez will run in front of the many-thousand fans.

This season he’ll compete in a few events, including the 4×100 relay for the third straight year.

That first time at state will be an experience he’ll never forget.

“When I was a sophomore and I walked down the stretch to start the 4×1 relay, I looked up and saw and saw all those people,” Martinez said. “It’s one of the craziest sports experiences of my life. And considering all the things that have happened to Holmen sports up until now it’s still one of the greatest things that I can remember. State track will always hold a very dear place in my heart.”

When Martinez was a freshman, the Holmen boys qualified for only one event at state. This weekend the Vikings will compete in seven events, including three relays.

“Our goal is to always get as many kids as possible to the state meet and if it takes relays to do it. You know you can make it as an individual which is fantastic but to have four, six guys go with you and support you it’s so much easier trying to perform in that environment,” said Holmen Boys Track & Field Coach Steve Mally.

“We have a lot of good competitors on this team and I’m glad to be a part of it. I mean one of us could drop at any time and another person steps up to be there,” said Holmen sophomore Adam Johnson.