Holmen 6th-grader wears Rodgers jersey for almost three years, shooting for four

David Pehl has worn the jeresy for 1,034 days and counting

There’s countless diehard Cheeseheads in Wisconsin and across the nation, but one Holmen boy is taking his Packer pride to a whole new level.

David Pehl got his first Packers jersey for Christmas a couple of years ago. Once he put it on, he just couldn’t take it off.

Now he’s trying to set a record for the most consecutive days wearing a Packers jersey.

“Everyone asks, ‘Is he still wearing the shirt?’ Yes, he’s still wearing the shirt,” said David’s mom, Jessica.

“It looked normal when he first started wearing it but now it’s worn out,” said David’s friend Caeden Kruger.

David’s worn it for 1,034 consecutive days.


“I thought a year maybe, and here we are almost three years later and he’s still doing it,” said David’s dad, Dave.

But he still has a ways to go, he’s shooting for more than four years.

David’s dad, Dave said he’ll take some of the blame for planting the idea.

“I made the mistake of mentioning the boy that had worn the Brett Favre jersey just over four years and at that point he said, ‘Hm, is there a record?’ and I said, ‘I don’t know if there’s a record for an Aaron Rodgers jersey,’ so he said, ‘Well, I’m going to try and break the record,'” said Dave.

While keeping that kind of resolve is a big challenge in and of itself, try doing it as the lone Packer fan in the family.

“All I can say is ‘skol Vikings,'” said Dave.

David’s entire family are Vikings fans. David said he’s been a Packer fan for a long time.

“Being a Viking family we tried to convert him, but once we knew he wasn’t going to convert we said OK,” said Dave.

And while David may not say much about his goal or his dedication to the Packers, his jersey and the Packer sanctuary he’s carved out at home speaks for itself.

“I told my friends so they didn’t think I turned into a Packer fan that I wore my Viking jersey while I painted (the Packer logo) it on the wall,” said Dave.

And with a year left to go, David’s motivation is the hope of someday meeting the man whose name used  to be on the back of his jersey.

David hopes to meet Rodgers if he can wear the jersey long enough.

Dave said one of the biggest questions they get from people is if they wash the jersey.

He said every other night they hand wash it to keep it clean.

David’s parents say his younger brother has now decided to also try wearing his Vikings jersey every day for four years.

They say he’s been wearing it every day for the past couple of weeks.