Holiday Train stops in La Crosse

Minn. stops scheduled Monday night

Our weekend snowfall made for a very festive feel for the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train stop in La Crosse.

The train rolled into the station late Sunday night, covered with lights and sending out holiday music.

The 14 cars were covered in hundreds-of-thousands of lights and has become a tradition for many communities since it started its run back in 1999.

People who came to see the train were asked to make food donations. The La Crosse stop benefited the Hunger Task Force.


“Hunger is an issue that doesn’t recognize borders,” said Ed Greenberg of the Canadian Pacific Railway, “It doesn’t recognize neighborhoods. It’s an issue that’s in everybody’s community.  We want to go across our rail-network and try to help as many food shelves as possible to try and support the hardworking volunteers and officials who help those less-fortunate.”

Greenberg said over the years, people donated more than two-and-a-half million pounds of food for food banks all over the U.S.

Southeast Minnesota stops scheduled Monday night

On Monday night, the holiday train will make a few stops in southeastern Minnesota. At 5:15 p.m., it will be in Winona at the Amtrak Station, 65 East Mark Street; at 7:15 p.m. the train will stop in Wabasha at the Gambie railroad crossing by Brueggar Park; and at 9 p.m. it will stop at Lake City, Hearth & Home Technologies, 800 West Jefferson. St.

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