Holiday Health for Kids

Holiday meals are a great way to bring family and food together, but getting your kids to eat healthy at the table can turn into a real challenge.

The La Crosse County Health Department’s FIT Tip of the Month is to avoid pressuring kids at the table, and embrace the extra snacking that comes with the season.

Research shows that if you pressure your child to eat more, they will respond by eating less.

Worried about your child eating too much sugar? Experts suggest balancing out nutritious meals.

“Have nutritious meals at home so when those holiday gatherings come up, you know they had a lot of those nutritious things at home so when they get into the holiday it’s okay to have those sweets, and everything in moderation,” says Abbie Loos, a Nutrition Educator for the La Crosse County Health Department.

Loos also says to avoid congratulating your child for eating healthy, because this can cause them to want healthy foods even less.

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