Holding phone while driving will be illegal in Minnesota

Minnesota resident Clair Smith and his family are returning from a cross-country road trip.

“My Mother, who is 93 wanted to visit our relatives before the inevitable comes, so we visited my uncle out in Maryland.”

But the Minnesota he’s coming back to, will have new laws that will change how he drives.

“Basically, I purchased the phone and now you’re making it illegal for me to use.”

“We want people to understand that your life is important,” said the Chief of La Crescent Police, Douglas Stavenau.

The La Crescent police hope that new texting laws will result in a safer Minnesota.

“Right now the statistics are showing that we’re way too distracted when we drive. 12 out of 15 states which enabled the law before us demonstrated that there’s a reduced number of fatalities.”

The texting law only allows you to talk on the phone by voice commands, or a one touch on a mounted cell phone. It outlaws video calls, streaming, or video games, or using your phone to look at photos, or hold it while on the road.

Another law outlaws staying in the left lane of a four lane road, without allowing others to pass. The La Crescent Police “see it as something that will be a little difficult to enforce,” and are looking for those actively ignoring that law.

“There has to be some kind of intent or purpose or reason on how they didn’t take intent for the law,” added Stavenau.

Some in Clair’s party are for the laws.

“For me it’s a non issue, I have a car that has the technology so i could use the one touch button for talking,” said Doug Smith, who traveled with Clair.

“They can teach me how to use Bluetooth technology. I’ll have to live with it. It’s not something I’m going to have to fight.”

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