Hokah Hosts Informational Meeting on Restoration of Como Falls

The City town Center was the host site for the Como Falls informational meeting, where residents got to ask questions to the flood board on the progress of restoring the famous site.

A large part of the discussion was to thank the local politicians who have supported funding to clear, and rebuild on the site.

The board stressed that the funding raise is to not only rebuild, but to prevent any future flooding to destroy the area for the distant future.

In order to do that, the board explained, they will near to clear the debris, and sod the land. This will be done by volunteers, says board member Jerry Martel.

” Next Tuesday we officially go, we’re gonna be down there like bees working on that place .. We’re going to clean her up, gonna get her shining, and we’re gonna get her back to what it was. ”

For anyone who wants to help, they can contact the town for when they can help clear out debris. Or they can contribute on the city’s fundraising page, which is soon to be posted.

” Anything we can get we greatly appreciate, but we’re going to get it done bottom line, ” said Martel.

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