Hit-run pickup driver clobbers garage on South Side of La Crosse — at 1:30 a.m.

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — Jessica and Nick Candahl had a rude awakening around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday when a loud noise jolted them from their sleep.

A Hit Tracks

Tire tracks in snow show how close truck came to tree as it headed toward the Candahls’ garage. (Jessica Candahl from Facebook)

“I looked out the window & didn’t see anything out of place from my view point & saw a truck driving away down the street, so we went back to bed,” Jessica says in a Facebook posting with the La Crosse County Stupid Drivers, Stupid Parking & Traffic Updates group.
However, when the South Side couple got up this morning, the awakening got ruder.
“When Nick left for work at 630 this morning this is what he found,” Jessica wrote, referring to a photo with the post showing that a vehicle had slammed into their garage.
“We had a hit & run on our house!” she wrote. “We’re all safe & that is what matters most!”
Jessica asked folks to keep their eyes peeled for a truck with front-end damage.
Later, she added, “We are looking into neighbors with cameras, our neighbor two houses south just gave us a description of the vehicle. Midsize, or S10 older black or dark colored pickup with some gold writing on back end of box towards the top.”
Photos of the errant driver’s tire tracks show that the vehicle barely missed a huge tree that probably would have stood up better against the collision than the garage did as it threaded a needle between the tree and what appears to be an apartment building. The driver also missed a couple of other trees, judging by the tire tracks in the snow across the lawn.
No signs of the culprit by late Wednesday afternoon.

A Insited

Garage and possessions inside suffered severe damage. (Facebook photo)