Hintgen Elementary kicks-off gardening program with Native American food presentation

A gardening program for a La Crosse elementary is kicking-off with food presentations.

A Native American chef visited Hintgen Elementary this afternoon for the food taste tests and demonstrations.

The event marked the beginning of GROW La Crosse’s gardening program at the school. The organization will also install and maintain a school garden for Hintgen through the program.

School leaders say the garden will teach students about growing their own foods while showing them healthier food options.

“I think it’s also to create an engaging, hands-on experience for kids, to get them out into nature to be a part of the process to plant something, to grow it, to observe it, and then to harvest it and then actually consume it,” said Hintgen Elementary Principal Amy Oliver.

Fifth graders are doing soil tests to determine the best spot for the school garden. The school will host taste tests and other presentations this winter to get kids excited for the garden, and students will begin planting this spring.