Hike through La Crosse marsh trails with your four-legged friends at ‘Tails for Trails’

A candle-lit marsh tour for you and your furry friends is coming to La Crosse.

The inaugural ‘Tails for Trails’ event will host hikers and their pets this weekend.

The City of La Crosse’s Parks, Recreation, and Forestry department is encouraging pet owners to bring their furry friends for the free nature tour. The evening will include a 1.5 mile trek through the marsh, spots to warm up, and a prize drawing.

“When people go out hiking and stuff they don’t always think that it’s okay to bring their dogs, or maybe they feel that people don’t necessarily like it when others bring their dogs but at this event we highly encourage it,” said La Crosse Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department Recreation Coordinator Tracy Rudi.

The event is free and open to the public. Pet owners will have to show current rabies and registration tags for their four-legged friends. Interested hikers can find the event at the Myrick Park Gun Club Shelter this Saturday evening, starting at 7:30.