Highway 53 steering committee considering options for corridor development

Officials wish to make northside a destination

City officials continue to look over their options for rebuilding the “Gateway to La Crosse.”

The Highway 53 Steering Committee held a meeting Wednesday afternoon to hear from consultants about the ideas they collected from the community to redevelop the corridor between Exit 3 and downtown La Crosse.

Senior City Planner Tim Acklin says the number one goal to come out of the meetings is making the north side a destination for more people.

“We don’t want this corridor to be a thoroughfare to the downtown or through the city,” said Acklin. “We wanted to make it a place where people stop. You know, they come off the Interstate specifically for something here, or the neighborhoods, they have a place to go or ways to get to the river, so that’s what came out of this plan.”

City planners say they plan to have another public forum for ideas on the project in late February, but a date for the forum has not been set yet.