Highlight Zone Countdown: Necedah Cardinals

Necedah has an entirely new coaching staff for the 2014 season.

“It’s a lot more harder work now because it’s a whole new staff so they are throwing in different things that we didn’t have the last two years,” said junior Charlie Vandaver.

“New faces, new offense, new defense, new everything. Everything is different,” said senior Matt Brown.

Jim Beaver moves into the school district getting both a teaching job and the head coaching position.

His staff is made up of all the others who applied for the open coaching position this offseason to replace Eric Mach.

“Each one of us brings something new to the table,” said Beaver. “We have a guy that is really strong on defense, a guy really strong on offense. Lots of individuals as a coaching staff that is put together pretty well.”

In a season of change, Necedah will try to do something they have done consistently over the past decade: contend for the Scenic Bluffs championship and qualify for the WIAA playoffs.

“It kind of helps when the seniors step up and kind of lead because they know what we’re used to and they can adjust to us too,” said senior James Becker.