Highlight Zone Countdown: Luther Knights

Luther’s senior class of 16 are the first to have four full years to develop in head coach Jason Hagedorn’s system.

“They are the ones that were talking to me, talking with each other saying this is what we’ve got to do to get better. I was just there as kind of a guide on the side you know, here’s some camps to look at or here’s what you need to do in the offseason to get better or here’s the drills that will really help you out.

“And they kind of bought in, really worked well with it. Hoping that equates to a few more wins this year in our conference and our schedule.”

The Knights have two wins in the Coulee Conference over the past three years. But Luther believes this large senior class can lead to more success.

“Guys that you’ve been with ever since even seventh grade junior Knights to be able to play with them for five years, six years.  It’s awesome to have that many guys stick with it,” said senior TJ Babinec.

“We’re starting to be more like a family actually instead of just playing for that one game and then just going our separate ways,” said senior Max Wetzel. “We’re starting to get more close knit with each other.”