High schoolers spray paint Onalaska house to show support

Event turns fire-destroyed home into positive memory

In an unusual sign of support before sending their high school hockey teams off to state, Onalaska students were given permission to spray paint well wishes on a soon-to-be demolished home.

Onalaska High School senior Jenni Tomashek’s house on the 100 block of Larkspur Lane was destroyed by a fire back in January. Because of the support the hockey teams gave Jenni and her family the Tomashek’s wanted to turn the event into a positive memory.

“It was pretty amazing, like the whole hockey team was behind us too. and was willing to help support us. So I don’t know, it’s nice having everybody come and turn the house into a positive memory,” Tomashek said.

There’s a pep rally Wednesday morning at the high school to see both girls and boys hockey teams off to state. The house will be torn down in the next couple of weeks.