Hiawatha statue removed from La Crosse’s Riverside Park

Statue will be returned to artist's family

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – The Hiawatha statue is no longer in La Crosse’s Riverside Park.

Crews were in the park early this morning to resume removing the statue.

The removal began removing the statue after Mayor Tim Kabat made the request last month.

It will be taken by the original artist’s family.

There are no plans to replace the statue right now.

The statue has a lot of different meanings for different people.

“It’s solemnity of childhood memory for a lot of people that are here. For me, a 20 year battle with a danger, a harm that the general public is unaware of and chose to ignore,” said Kera Cho Mani.

Wednesday, Crews will remove the base that the statue once stood on.