‘Herons of La Crosse’ return to area

Each heron is uniquely designed

Some big and colorful birds are back out on area streets.

You’ve probably noticed The Pump House’s herons in various places throughout La Crosse and Onalaska.

The birds started out as an art project collaborating with local businesses about six years ago. Each one is uniquely designed.

“The community loves them, we have people ask about them all the time,” said Pump House Executive Director Toni Asher. “They’re great destination pieces. People are just really fond of them and take pride in the art and the ownership they feel in the arts in La Crosse.”

Seventeen of the original 36 birds are on display, plus the two permanent ones at The Pump House. You can find where the herons are in the La Crosse area by visiting this map The Pump House provided.