Helpful resources to recognize real facts vs. fake, misleading information in media

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – A Wisconsin organization is sharing helpful resources to recognize real facts versus fake or misleading information in media.

Leaderethics-Wisconsin, and non-profit and non-partisan organization, recommends using fact-checking websites so you know the point-of-view of the information and if it is truthful.

One useful site is called ‘All Sides’, which indicates if a media source is more liberal, moderate, or conservative.

Another one is Media-Bias Fact Check.

This website identifies scientific, satire, and conspiracy sites; and even fact checks the fact-checkers.

It also rates sources on conservative bias, liberal bias, or least bias.

The goal is to help people navigate and filter through the abundance of information circulating on the web.

“[The websites] admit that all media has some bias. They are not trying to persuade you to follow one source or the other. They are trying to help educate us to be better consumers of media,” said Lee Rasch, Executive Dir. of Leaderethics-Wisconsin.

The organization recently published its 2020 Citizen’s Guide, which has more information on what ethical leadership is and how to promote it among elected officials.