“Hear, Here” celebrates new stories with walking tours

Seventeen new stories have been added to the “Hear, Here” project, a collection of La Crosse’s oral histories. “Hear, Here” has added voices from Ho Chunk, Hmong, African American, Latino, LGBTQ+ and people who experienced homelessness to the award winning program.

The stories, 70 total, can be heard by dialing a toll-free number near “Hear, Here’s” signature orange street signs.

The program’s director described its value to the community by saying, “It helps us to understand the city differently. It helps us see that we’re part of history, and that the city is this evolving thing. And we can think of it as incorporating problematic things, but also things that we can celebrate about bringing people of different cultures into our environment.”

Walking tours were held Saturday to celebrate the additions. The tours were made possible by UW La Crosse, The La Crosse Public Library Archives and Downtown Mainstreet, Inc.