‘Healthy Kids Passport 2 Play’ teaches kids how to live healthy

Activities include sports, healthy snacks, and more

Being healthy is one thing, but getting your kids to do the same can be a challenge at times.

To help, Winona Health hosted its ‘Healthy Kids Passport 2 Play’ this afternoon at the Winona Middle School.

It gives kids, ranging in age from 5 to 12, the opportunity to have fun, be active, and learn about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. It also gave parents and grandparents the chance to ask questions and get new ideas because coordinators of the event say being healthy isn’t always that easy.

“We are much more likely to have devices at our fingertips all the time, so for all of us we need help making the healthier choices, especially when it comes to active living. We also need help teaching our children how to make those better choices,” said Winona Health Community Relations Coordinator Nicole Schossow.

Activities included learning how to make a healthy snack, playing tennis and soccer, yoga and much more.