Healthcare initiative brings free care to all in Winona

Bridges Health Winona program

A new initiative in Winona is trying to bridge the healthcare gap by providing free services for everyone.

Bridges Health Winona is offering free healthcare to everyone starting Thursday, regardless of whether they have insurance. The program is made possible through a collaboration between Winona State University, Live Well Winona and Neighborhood Family Clinics.

WSU students and faculty from multiple health programs will offer their services, along with providers from the Neighborhood Family Clinics.

“We’re able to, through this collaboration, be able to provide these services to the community and offer free health screenings and preventative health services to the local community,” said Bridges Health Winona Coordinator Jennifer Timm.

You can find the Bridges Health Winona clinic at the Neighborhood Family Clinics and Live Well Winona locations. The free clinics will be available every Thursday evening, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.