Mosquito season could be worst in 40 Years

A Wet Spring and Flooding Ideal for Mosquitoes

Mosquito season could be worst in 40...

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Summer temperatures are here and so are the mosquitoes.
In fact, the mosquito expert here thinks it may be the worst he's seen in forty years.

The La Crosse County Health Department is expecting a bumper crop this year because of all the rain we had this spring, not to mention the flooding.

"Oh Yeah,  we've had a really significant hatch. And we've had it probably earlier then I've seen. Much larger, early hatch. I've been here 40 years and I would say that this has been the most difficult early season that I have seen," says Dave Geske, the Vector Control Manager with the La Crosse County Health Department.

Keep in mind, that ticks are very active too.
Geske recommends staying on trails and mowed areas to avoid them.

You may not know this.... but a female mosquito can sense you at 70 feet and a tick at 6 to 7 feet.

In order to avoid bites and the diseases they carry... using an insect repellent is really important.

But Megan Anderson the Injury and Trauma Prevention Coordinator at Gundersen Health System says if you're using a spray, be careful how you apply it.  

"And then when you're spraying bug spray on your kids what you want to do is spray a little on your hands as an adult and just put it where it needs to go on the kids so your not getting it in their eyes or their mouth or on their hands, " says Anderson.

Because insect repellent is not recommended for infants... consider mosquito netting to cover strollers and infant seats.  


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