Local health care providers want people to learn Hands-Only CPR

Easy to learn, could save a life

Local health care providers want...

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The Hands-Only CPR technique is being advocated for locally.

La Crosse health providers say research has shown the hands-only approach to be as effective, or nearly as effective, as traditional CPR. The main difference is bystanders are more willing to use the hands-only technique on strangers suffering cardiac arrest.

Local emergency responders say the main goal is to make sure people are willing to use CPR.

"Hands-Only CPR, you're not going to hurt someone doing it. We just have to teach bystanders to do it. They're dead right now if you're not going to make them any worse. All you can do is help them at that point, so don't be afraid,” said Tri-State Operations Supervisor Eric Ellis.

While it is recommended to have training, health providers say learning hands- only CPR can be as easy as watching an online video.

Both Gundersen and Mayo in La Crosse offer Hands-Only CPR classes.

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