La Crosse Co. drops in latest statewide health rankings, health officials not concerned

La Crosse ranked one of healthiest counties in state

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - La Crosse County is one of the healthier counties in the state.

The University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute ranked La Crosse County 27th out of 72 Wisconsin counties when it comes to overall health outcomes which factors in 'length of' and quality of life.

That's down 11 spots from where the county ranked in last year's report, but local health leaders say their raw numbers haven't really changed year-to-year and they aren't too far behind the counties ahead of them.

"There might be one number or two numbers that's a little better, but basically what that shows is that a lot of counties have been doing a lot of work to be healthier, and we're all kind of grouping together now," said Catherine Kolkmeier, Executive Director of the La Crosse Co. Health Science Consortium. 

La Crosse County ranked higher in the category of health factors, coming in 8th in the measure of what the county is doing to improve its population's health.

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