Gundersen warns against travelling to Zika-impacted areas

Avoid mosquito bites

Gundersen warns against travelling to...

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Local health providers warn travelers seeking warmer climates to stay safe from the Zika Virus.

Gundersen Health System has seen many people looking to travel to Zika- impacted areas to escape the cold. Gundersen doctors say while the virus has not received much attention recently, it can still prove dangerous.

"For pregnant women, or women who are looking to become pregnant, Zika virus is associated with significant birth defects to the baby's nervous system, including the brain, hearing, eyesight. There's no prevention, there's no cure. The only prevention is preventing getting the infection to begin with,” said Gundersen Health System Fertility Center Physician Catherine Ryan.

If you have to travel to Zika-impacted areas, health providers say you should avoid mosquito bites at all costs.

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