Health providers raising awareness for eating disorders

This is Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Health providers across the country are raising awareness about eating disorders this week.

The theme for this year’s Eating Disorder Awareness Week is ‘It’s Time to Talk About It,’ an attempt to address the myths surrounding the disorders.

Local eating disorder therapists say the main cause of eating disorders is a distorted self image, and while it may be difficult to help those with an eating disorder it is important to tell them recovery is possible.

“It’s time to challenge the myth that recovery isn’t possible. It’s time to really focus on the fact that eating disorders are very life-serious, potentially life-ending, disorders but they can be taken care of,” said Gundersen Health System Eating Disorders Therapist Mary Watts.

If you notice someone close to you has an eating disorder therapists recommend you mention noticing changes without sounding judgmental.