Health Dept. keeping close eye on area beaches

High levels of bacteria found last week

If your weekend plans include heading to the beach, you might want to stay up to date on the amount of bacteria in the water.

A test done by the La Crosse County Health Department last week showed a large amount of fecal coliform or e-coli in the water at area beaches.

Results from the test initially found amounts of e-coli which exceeded acceptable levels, but a recent test is now showing the rain has actually diluted the water enough to put levels back into the safe range. 

While our area beaches are now in the clear, it’s beaches down river from La Crosse which should be keeping a close watch.

“Well with flooding, a lot of things run down hill, so to speak, so not only the bacteria, but chemicals that may have gotten into the river. Anytime there’s a flood, there’s a chance for an increase in health hazards,” said Jim Steinhoff with the La Crosse Co. Health Department.

If you want to find current contamination levels at your favorite beach in la Crosse Co., call the health department at  608-785?9872.