La Crosse Co. sees start of downward trend in COVID cases, health officials caution about upcoming holiday weekend

Over the weekend we saw fewer new cases reported by the La Crosse County Health Department.

“The numbers of cases being in the 20s, which is better than what we’ve seen last week. so we’ll see if that trend continues or not,” said La Crosse Health Department Officer, Jen Rombalski.

Many public fireworks displays, and other fourth of July celebrations have been cancelled, and the Health Department is wary about the trend staying under 20 new cases per day.

“We don’t recommend getting together with others and having events around the 4th of July. We know that it will happen,” said Rombalski.

The Health Department advises against being in groups that include people outside of your household, as the coulee compass is still sitting on the severe risk category.

“These should really be in small groups not large mass gatherings, and it would be important for them to be outside, not indoors,” said Rombalski.

If you do end up getting together, the Health Department listed some things to be mindful of.

“Where food is placed, where bathrooms are located. Indoors is a significant risk for the spread of COVID-19,” said Rombalski.

Another aspect to think about includes commonly touched items.

“Think about common touch surfaces, so things like utensils, you don’t want mixing of utensils,” said Rombalski.

Officials at the Health Department also suggest eliminating common touched items like ketchup, mustard and ranch, and instead to portion them out in cups.