Haydn Guns taking big leap forward for Sparta

Haydn Guns Sparta

In high school hoops, Haydn Guns has taken maybe the biggest step forward out of anyone in the Coulee Region this year.

The senior Spartan put up just six points a game last year, but this year it’s up to 21 a game and almost nine rebounds per contest. The coaching staff says a lot of his success has come from playing less timidly inside the arc.

“It started this last summer, with a little more willingness to take contact, go into that contact in the middle of the lane,” head coach Phil Yahnke said.

“I wouldn’t be as aggressive, I guess, and now this year I’ve really just worked on it in the offseason and became more aggressive attacking the rack,” Guns explained.

Now as MVC play really begins in earnest, the 3-6 Spartans are preparing for teams to start doubling Guns to limit his effectiveness. Guns says when that happens, he has plenty of teammates on the rise who he can trust.

“It’s a little bit on Haydn to recognize when defenses are collapsing on him,” Yahnke said. “He needs to make good decisions with the basketball, and look for that jump stop and pivot and kickout pass.”

“Kadon Milne–he’s got some of the best footwork I’ve seen in the paint,” Guns said. “I’ve played a lot of basketball. He really knows how to get open.”

Guns also said Austin Erickson will “get it going. It’s a matter of when, not if.”

Coach Yahnke also pointed to juniors Brett Stuessel and Brian Sanchez as meaningful contributors for the second half of the season.