Harbor Freight recalls jack stand that replaced previous recall

Harbor Freight

CAMARILLO, Calif. (WKBT) — Harbor Freight Tools is recalling certain Pittsburgh steel jack stands for another defect that wasn’t discovered when the stands were recalled a few months ago.
“A few months ago, we recalled our Pittsburgh 3-ton and 6-ton steel jack stands (SKUs 56371, 61196 and 61197) due to a manufacturer’s defect,” Harbor Freight founder and owner Eric Smidt said in a letter to customers Wednesday in which he expressed embarrassment.
The company asked patrons to exchange the jacks for gift cards to buy replacements.
“I felt terrible about that recall because you should never have a concern about the safety of any of our products,” he wrote.
“Today, I feel even worse. I’m disappointed and embarrassed because we’ve identified a welding defect in a small number of the Pittsburgh 3-ton steel jack stands (SKU 56373) that replaced the recalled jack stands.”
He asked customers who own these jack stands or stands in the original recall to stop using them and return them to their local Harbor Freight store for a full cash refund or store credit, details of which are on the company website. https://www.harborfreight.com/js-details?utm_source=2020_07_Eric_Letter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=JS&cid=Un_email_campaign&lid=1,925,051,505&uid=
All other Pittsburgh jack stands do not have the defect, but any customers who are concerned about other stands can return them as well, Smidt said.