Happy Mother’s Day: Locals explain what makes the moms in their lives special

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)– The tradition of Mother’s Day started in 1908 with Anna Jarvis. But it wouldn’t be until 1914 when it became an official U.S. holiday.

News 8 Now talked to some area residents about the big day and what makes the moms in their life so special.

“What’s a cool fact about your mom? My mom speaks seven different languages. So that’s pretty cool. English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian and then Swedish,” said Giselle Sanchez.

“She teaches herself stuff to do like big things. Like working with leather. When I was a kid, we always had these leather things– leather belts and leather purses– because she made them. She’s just very creative and very smart,” said Roxy Crye.

“My mother gave her heart away in cookies, and things that she crocheted, and having people come for dinner. She painted nine-foot ceilings herself,” said Alice Holstein.

“What’s your favorite thing about your mom? My mom is very brave. She has managed to really stick with things that are hard to stick with that I think a lot of other people would abandon. She really perseveres,” said Farrah Thrush.

“What important lesson has your mom taught you? My mom has taught me to just go with the flow of things more. Not to worry as much. Because you never know what’s around the next corner,” said Linnea Cochran.

What is your favorite memory with your mom?

“After nationals for gymnastics in level seven, she came up to me and gave me a really, really, big hug and said she was proud of me,” said Annika Parry.
“Graduation. She like came to the ceremony and we just took a bunch of pictures. She threw me a graduation party which was nice,” sad Alexis McNally.

“We just did a big move from San Antonio, Texas to Colorado Springs. I was crying because I didn’t want to go to school. My mom hugged me and said it was going to be ok,” said Teagan Boge.
“And was it ok?”

“How have you been connecting with your mom during safer at home? I’ve talked to her on the phone plenty. Yeah, I talk to her on the phone a lot,” said Mason Ammerman-Strand.

“I connect with my daughter-in-law and I connect with my granddaughter who is going to be having her first baby. And I’ll be a great-grandma. So it’s going to be very special this year,” said Theresa Riley.

“What’s your favorite thing about your grandma?”
“That she’s fun and silly,” said Khloe Hauser.
“And also that I love her,” said Abby Hauser.

“I’m a May baby so my birthday always has a chance of falling on Mother’s Day. It always means a lot. Always right around the same time. Yeah, I love my mom. She’s always been a great support,” said Florencio Reyes.

“I love you, mom,” said Benjamin Loyd.
“I just want to say she’s the best mom in the world,” said Madalyn Loyd.