Happ and Schimel Attorney General race gets heated

According to the last Marquette University Law School poll Schimel is in the lead with 43 percent.

Earlier this week, Republican Brad Schimel and Democratic candidate Susan Happ went head to head in their third debate and things were much more heated.

 Schimel grilled opponent Happ over a 2009 double murder case she prosecuted.

“One of them was an off-duty police officer, a women I actually knew,” Schimel said.

That Oconomowoc officer was Jennifer Luick. Luick and her boy friend Greg Peters were shot and killed by Andrew Wirth. Schimel points to an email Happ wrote to other prosecutors during the case.

“The reason she lost that trial wasn’t the jury’s fault, she didn’t lose she got it reduced to the lowest possible homicide on a lesser included charge. She got in that position because she wasn’t prepared and she didn’t know the law well enough,” Schimel said.

“You know that your representation of the email and that case is not true,” Happ said.

Happ said prosecutors’ emailing each other for help is a common practice.

“At the very end of our trial my judge decided to give a homicide by negligent use of a dangerous weapon instruction. My email to Brad and others was asking whether that was actually a lesser included and whether he was entitled to that instruction which he was not,” Happ said.

Happ questioned Schimel over his attack ad that accuses Happ of taking money for a land deal.

“Brad had the chance to look me in the eye and tell me I was soft on crime and he didn’t because he said our records are fair if they are portrayed accurately. At the same time he was talking about independent negative attack ads, Brad is running his own attack ads against me with false claims that I receive payment from predators,” Happ said.

“Ms. Happ’s allies have run a series of ads that have been demonstratively false in fact a number of television stations took the ads down when they received the evidence that the ads were false.”

According to the last Marquette University Law School poll Schimel is in the lead with 43 percent Happ trails four points behind with 39 percent of the vote.

Republican Schimel is currently the District Attorney in Waukesha County. Happ is serving as the district attorney of Jefferson County.