Hamilton Elementary, SOTA I principal honored

Steve Michaels won prize package on "Boss's Day"

Hamilton Elementary and SOTA I Principal Steve Michaels was honored Wednesday morning on Boss’s Day.

Students at the school wore paper mustaches and ties and gathered in the hallway to surprise Michaels. He’s known for his mustache and ties.

“It was pretty amazing,” Michaels said with a smile. “I wasn’t expecting this at all.”

Michaels won the La Crosse Floral’s “Best Boss Sweepstakes” and received a prize package worth $800. The package included flowers, balloons and gift certificates from area retailers.

As part of the sweepstakes, community members were invited to nominate someone as the best boss. La Crosse Floral President Linda Zoerb says she photocopied the submissions and removed the names and where the person worked. Then she had her employees vote for who they thought deserved the recognition.

“My employees gave him almost twice as many points as the next person’s application,” Zoerb said. “I think it’s because they saw what a caring individual he was and how he’s a community-focused person and how he is great at blending, shall we say, local government or school board, community and school.”

“I’m a pretty humble person and really like to pass praise on those people who are working with kids directly and so this is a little uncomfortable for me, but it’s still appreciated,” Michaels said.