Halloween safety tips from Gundersen Health System

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Halloween is approaching fast and Gundersen Health System is reminding parents about how to trick or treat safely amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Health experts say everyone involved in festivities this year should wear a cloth mask and sanitize often. You can make wearing a mask more exciting for kids by finding one that matches their costume. However, don’t be fooled by the efficacy of a costume that comes with a built-in face covering.

“If you have a costume that has a face piece, or even covered, it’s still recommended to wear a cloth mask underneath that larger mask,” says Gundersen Health System Infectious Preventionist, Megan Meller.

It’s also important to keep you and your child’s distance from others in mind. When another family is trick-or-treating at your next stop, wait for them to leave before walking up to the door.

If you plan on handing out candy, this is where doctors encourage you to get creative.

“It could be setting up a kind of self-help station outside of your house where people can come up and get candy and then leave without having any contact with you. Make sure that anything you wanna hand out is individually wrapped. That’s really important,” says Meller.

Handing out candy doesn’t absolve you from having to wear a mask, according to Meller, and it’s also a good idea to sanitize or wash your hands between each visit from a trick-or-treater.

Halloween fun also includes parties and other gatherings, but these activities require you to stay cautious.

“Consider taking the party outdoors,” says Meller. “If you choose to do an indoor activity, really give a thought as to who’s coming, realizing that when people are eating and drinking they can’t wear a mask.”

Gundersen Health experts know that when people gather outside the risk of coronavirus transmission is lower.

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