Gundersen’s security team jumps cars, drive people to and from buildings during cold

You may have been one of the many drivers who found their car wouldn’t start the last couple of days.

Crews are working across the City to help those stranded people, including Gundersen Health System’s security team.

The crew says they’ve seen a sudden increase in hospital staff and visitors needing a pickup, tow or jump since Tuesday. They monitor all of Gundersen’s properties including the 5 main buildings, 3 clinics, 2 hospitals and the residential housing.

“The worst part about it is probably the fact when you can’t get their car started. We try jumping it, we try helping them out. We can get them a tow service, get them a ride, get them something like that, but that’s the worst is when you just can’t get that car started,” said Gundersen Health System Security Officer Ryan McGuire.

The security team says they see the most need during the system’s shift changes around 7 a.m. and p.m.

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