Gundersen ‘strongly recommends’ that all staffers and people over 12 get COVID-19 vaccine

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LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — Gundersen Health System issued a statement Monday strongly recommending that all staffers and members of the public 12 and older get the COVID-19 vaccine “as the surest way to protect themselves, patients, coworkers and our community against the virus and its variants.”
Almost 85 percent of Gundersen staffers systemwide, including those who do not provide patient care, have received the vaccine voluntarily, the statement says.

“Gundersen does not currently require staff to receive the vaccine. This is something Gundersen continually evaluates, along with health and safety processes and guidance,” according to the statement.
“Gundersen staff follow COVID-19 protocols used since the start of the pandemic, including wearing masks and eye protection, safe distancing, thorough hand hygiene, and regular deep cleaning, to ensure health and safety at all locations,” the statement says.