Gundersen launching ‘Hospital from Home’ program

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)- There is no place like home, especially when you don’t feel well. That’s why Gundersen Health System is launching a new “Hospital from Home” program.

Instead of spending a few days or weeks in a health care facility, patients recovering from certain conditions are able to get the same care right from the comfort of their home.

Gundersen providers visit patients’ homes to do labs, take vital signs, therapies, medications, set up IVs, and other cares. And regular physician check-ups are done virtually.

Gundersen health experts say providing care like this keeps patients from having to schedule multiple visits and saves money.

“We don’t believe that it will cost more. In fact, in some ways it helps us to minimize things that can be costly to the patients or to the system as a whole. Things like readmissions, patients don’t want to have to come back to the hospital. If we can keep them home, we think that’s better care, and also better from a financial perspective for the patient and for the system,” said Dr. Sephanie Carroll.

Dr. Carroll says the program is launching this spring.