Gundersen hosting Nicaraguan doctor researching breast care

Dr. Freddy Espinoza spending week at Gundersen Health System's breast clinic

An area hospital is helping a doctor from across the globe learn more about fighting breast cancer.

Gundersen Health System in La Crosse is hosting Dr. Freddy Espinoza from Nicaragua this week. Dr. Espinoza was the first doctor at his clinic to be trained through the Gundersen Foundation’s Global Partners program and is now learning more about women’s health at Gundersen’s breast clinic.

“You have this amazing clinic for breast care and breast cancer,” said Dr. Espinoza. “Now I know how this clinic and the breast clinic (works) for diagnosis, for screening, and now we can compare (practices).”

Dr. Espinoza first became involved with Global Partners two years ago.

“Dr. Freddy’s idea was that we should improve the care for women with breast cancer in Nicaragua, and so we’ve been working together with him to develop a project to improve breast cancer detection,” said Dr. Judy Klevan.

Dr. Espinoza will take the things he learns here in La Crosse back to Nicaragua and train his colleagues there on the methods Gundersen uses. Gundersen Health System doctors have also traveled to Doctor Espinoza’s clinic in Nicaragua to work with patients and train staff at the clinic.