Gundersen Health System to help Afghan refugees at Fort McCoy

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)- Gundersen Health System has announced they are helping the Afghan Refugees that are staying in Fort McCoy.

They say they are ready to deliver necessary care as it learns the needs of the guests.

Gundersen CEO Dr. Scott Rathgaber says this was important to them because it’s their mission to help the community.

“This is an easy decision because these are patients and people who are in our community and we’re committed to everyone who needs care. But I think this was a special commitment when we started, these folks have really put their lives on the line for our services members and our troops over a long period of time,” said Gundersen CEO, Dr. Scott Rathgaber.

Gundersen Health is in direct contact with officials at Fort McCoy so they know what services are needed.