Gundersen Health System to build new hospital in Whitehall

WHITEHALL, Wis. (WKBT) — Gundersen Health System will build a new hospital in Whitehall to provide health services for rural residents.

The new building will be a two-floor, 32 bed hospital. It will feature updated emergency services, operating rooms and nursing accommodations.

The goal is to provide generational health in rural communities, said Gundersen CEO Scott Rathgaber.

“This hospital and the clinics that are associated with it are essential and being able to bring services close to their home so they can get the care they need,” Rathgaber said.

“We understand the importance they have not only on the communities but for how they allow us to deliver on our mission of care,” Rathburger said.

The current building will be torn down and converted into a parking lot. The building is outdated, and it would cost more to renovate it, Gundersen officials said.

“Technology has changed, a lot of the infrastructure in the building is in need of replacement,” said Joni Olson, Gundersen’s critical access administrator.

The new building will allow hospital staff to deliver health care efficiently.

“Just be easier for our staff to be able to do that with a tool of a new building and a new hospital,” Olson said.

People should be able to get to hospitals without traveling long distances, she said.

“It’ll be just patient friendly, wonderful for their accommodation,” Olson said.

Because every minute matters when it comes to health care.

“And sometimes those minutes saved are the difference between life and death for patients in need,” Olson said.

The new building is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

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