Gundersen Health System offers infectious disease prevention training

Training comes after Ebola scare in Texas

Although the chances of the Ebola virus making it to the La Crosse area are relatively low health officials at Gundersen Health System aren’t taking any chances.

The hospital is preparing for the worst after a Texas nurse was diagnosed with Ebola over the weekend.

Gundersen was working Monday with its community partners on how to stop an infectious disease like Ebola from spreading.

The hospital offered a step by step protocol for health officials to take if someone were showing symptoms of the deadly disease. The training gives nurses and doctors an idea of what dealing with the disease would be like.

“There’s a lot of fear and it’s reasonable fear. Health care workers are afraid of what they might take home to their loved ones and we want to show and allow people to know this is how you can protect yourself,” said Gundersen Health System Infection Control Administrative Director Bridget Pfaff.

Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker is looking at how the state would handle a possible case of Ebolal coming to the Midwest as well. The governor released a statement Monday saying he gets weekly updates from the state health department on how they are preparing for a possible outbreak.